What you need in your wardrobe depends entirely on your lifestyle! A few building blocks in your own preferred style are truly essential:

The jacket/blazer

This item gives you great posture and confidence. A great piece that can be worn outside as outerwear and inside as a jacket/blazer. You’ll have lots of long lasting options.

-If you feel comfortable in a suit then go for a matching pant/skirt. This way you’ll always have lots of different dressing options. You can naturally choose a more relaxed style… A jacket/blazer doesn’t have to be strict at all!

-If you want a statment blazer/jacket go for a solid color, with a vivid (shiny) or a structured (tweed) surface so that you easily can match any same-colored pants/skirt. Don’t even try to find a matching fabric –opt for totally different structures instead!

– If you lack an oversized statement piece –look around in the men’s section…

The perfect pair of pants/skirt/jeans

This endless matching item will be your go-to every moring you don’t feel like dressing at all…Investigate and invest in a great pair that works wonders for you in your daily life.

The perfect pair of pants or jeans should hug your figure and feel good all day long!

The lighter the jeans, less elastan you’ll need. White and washed denim looks better (dressier) in 100% cotton (max 2% elastan for comfort).

The skirt should be a really flattering style for you! Which lenght do you prefer? -Maxi, Midi or Mini?

Mini skirt lenght = no shorter than your longfinger´s tip when you keep your arms alongside your body.

Knee length = always a classic choice.

Midi skirt lenght = make sure the skirt sits on your waist! You want to draw the attention up. Your top can be totally tucked in or in the front/only from the side. It is preferable that the skirt ends just above or below you calf.

Pleated skirt styles can feel tricky while they add volume around the hips. Choose a style with flat pleates around your tummy/hips for a slimmering effect. A flowy & patterned fabric is super flattering in this type of skirt.

The printed dress/pant

Never underestimate a printed dress or pant; this item can really make you and your entire wardrobe shine; a colorful piece is versatile and so easy to dress up or down! If you love prints; go for one that enhances your personal style and preferences.

-There is a print for everyone… Never out of style & goes with everything: lace/animalprint/dots/stripes/plaid/floral/geometric.

The (white)shirt

This item is your fresh choice to brighten up any grey day; as long as it is light, versatile and feels like you. Can be anything from a unisex crew neck t-shirt, a crisp buttondown shirt to a feminine laceblouse.

-A round crewneck tee in a thicker fabric looks nice with a tailored outfit. Keep in mind that the fit, sleevelenght, hemline vary from style to style. Find your favorite!

-A white clothing item needs to be neat and clean! You’ll also need to think about your underwear: a dusty nude t-shirt bra as well as a skin colored top will take you a long way.

The knitted dream

This cozy item can be your everyday favorite classic crew or V-neck knit, but you can also play around with raglan/balloon/puff sleeves options for a more feminine vibe. You can even style your deep V-neck knit backwards? Knitted cardigans can be used as a casual jackets. A knitted dress is the ultimate comfort item to dress up or down!

-Always look for knits made in pref. >75% wool…

The statement bag

This bag should hold all your everyday essentials and feel good all day long. Make sure it’s not too heavy! A big crossbody bag can drag your shoulder down… and cause neck/back problems in the long run.

-Invest in a classic style that you’ll love forever.

The Outerwear

The fact is that we need outerwear for many different seasons and occasions. Choose high quality material that are easily maintained. And look closely at the lining: note that hard seamlines and zippers can make your soft, knitted items pill.

-Keep in mind when opting for bigger silhouettes in general -big oversized cardis need big oversized outherwear as well.

The heels

Figure out your favorite hight and toeshape -even 3cm will give any outfit girlpower!

– If you find the perfect pair, why not buy it in 2 different colors? Dark brown and greige or a really bright color are as versatile as black. You can even mix the shoes together to make an outfit super fun!