The perceptions are slowly changing -finally we see a more diverse and inclusive beauty ideal. The pressure is still present for many women (and men).

The fact is that we are all unique! There is no standard. A lot of our issues are unfortunately created (only?) between our ears and it’s hard enough to live with self-judgement.

I don’t like to put women in bodytype-boxes. I would also like to point out that style wise you should never care about size tags! Keep your focus on comfortable cuts, flattering silhouettes and most of all your personal style. You want to achieve symmetry and keep your personal proportions balanced.

Only you can figure out what area you truly want to accentuate and what insecurity (if any?) you want to hide. Play with optical illusions! Draw the attention to your best features with the help of accessories and well-chosen cuts for your body! Do you like your shoulders, bust, waist, but, legs…? Make sure your wardrobe essentials accentuate these parts! This will surely make you happier and more confident in the long run.

-Remember that your smile will always be your most memorable feature!

Your body shape can and propably will change during your adult life. Just accept your figure and learn how to work with what you have –not against! Try on lots of different styles & cuts instead –this way you’ll learn what feels and look great on you! Play around with proportions…and there are many styling tricks to lean on. Learn a few tricks about optical illusions HERE!