Today we easily feel overwhelmed with everything we think we need to be and everything we need to accomplish here and now. Well, your diet is not only what you eat…. For sure your life is and will be a roller coaster, however, you choose what you digest!

-Do you recognize your core values? Let them guide you and keep you calm.

Style is so much more than a wardrobe. In my opinion your personal style truly comes from deep within. Your style is constantly evolving and has deep roots in your core values as well as your enherited culture. Simply, everything that meaningfully carries YOU from day to day is contributing your style outcome! How do you want to be seen? As trendy & fashionable, stylish or why not -simply as you?

For me style is not only about clothes, style is about you/me and the synergy around us. I find it interesting how some pieces of clothing help you reach your radiant potential and some just don’t. You don’t necessarily know why you feel a certain way in a chosen outfit –you just do. It’s like electricity in the air; your outfit can really lift you up or drag you down. Either you’re On or you’re Off.

In the long run a beautiful outfit can’t, however, fix anything that is broken on the inside. Does a quick fix even exist? Yes, you can rebrand your image. I, however, think it’s very important for your own wellbeing to figure out what makes you feel fabulous from within. Show that feeling on the outside! Be inspired to live your kind of life and feel great about yourself and who you are…