Having a special event coming up and feel that you have nothing to wear? Let me guide you thru your excisting options in your own wardrobe, give you make up tips or even help you pick out something new. I will find you something fabulous that fits the occasion perfectly, but also into your wardrobe and your personal budget & lifestyle.

This session will help you to transform your occasion style with a few simple and EWOKED tricks!


Struggling to style your existing wardrobe in a new way? Let´s dig deep and find your styleconfidence together. You will learn how to make the most of your everyday essentials by mixing and matching your outfits with functional styling tricks. I will also help you fill any gaps in your wardrobe to make it more up-to-date and complete.

This session will certainly make getting dressed so much easier for you: an everyday life improvement with EWOKE ´s EXCLUSIVE STYLE GUIDE!

ZOOM within

Feeling hopeless how to communicate your visual image? This isn't easy in real life, let alone during important events. Your style is actually your non-verbal language! Nothing is more fulfilling than depending on your style and learning what to wear so that you can perform your best and look as good as you feel!

This session will give you the right tools to help you create functional and flattering outfits for your beautiful body. You will learn how to accentuate your best features and how to camouflage your insecurities. EWOKE your fabulousness!

wardrobe edit

Experiencing a wardrobe crisis? I will happily ewoke your wardrobe by helping you decide what should stay and what needs to go. You will find your stylepersonality, learn how to dress your silhouette, embrace your signature cuts and colors by building a functional wardrobe with never ending matching opportunities.

This session will be life changing for you, simply eye-opening! Get final control over your style as well as your shopping habits with EWOKE´s ALL-INCLUSIVE GUIDE!


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dress your best life

Your personal style says a great deal about who you are and how you want to fit into society. With your outfits you signal how you feel emotionally as well. But what you wear doesn’t just reflect your inner self; it can also have psychological effects that actually change how you think, feel and perform i your everyday life.