I know that focusing on style and clothing may seem super shallow these days. However, we do get dressed every morning –right? Our everyday outfit is in fact a silent, yet strong message with a huge social impact. With our choices we show comfort, belonging, status, respect and understanding to festivities, special occasions, business events and also to different cultures.

Research shows that what you wear is in fact a powerful communication tool. The clothes you choose can also change the way you actually perform. How you present yourself (caring about fashion or not!) strongly affects the way you act and feel and therefore also how you are perceived everyday. This makes a loud statement -so why not dress the part?

Fashion = Style?

Fashion is an enourmous industry, however fashion can also be seen as art. By creating different outfits this art form becomes interactive with the world around us. I call this outfit communication and don’t see anything wrong with that, quite the opposite! In my opinion cultivating your personal style is an act of self-respect. With a functional wardrobe and a personal style you have the strenght to conquer each day with confidence. And a strong styleconfidence will take you everywhere!

Just to make it clear; fashion is what you are offered to wear and style is what you choose to wear. It’s totally unnessesary to redefine the way you see yourself thru fashion. You need to learn what to accept and what to ignore, naturally based on your personal preferences. Strive to focus on your innerself & your body as well as your stylepersonality instead of fashionable trends. They come and go – and can be fun to play around with –but be emphatic and stay true to who you are!

For me everyday dressing is an extension of a feeling from within… How you feel is a keyfactor when it comes to how you look. Respect and take care of your inner spirit! Stop being too hard on yourself; overall comparing is your worst enemy -always!

Attire & Attitude

Dressing in a certain way can easily enhance your mood. Just by wearing your favorite color in a flowy material will make you feel energized! You can also easily illustrate a specific mood in the way you dress. Think about this a few seconds before you get up in the morning. How do you need to feel and how do you want to be perceived for the next 8-10 hours? Can you affect this by choosing your outfit differently?

Dr Dawnn Karen, a Fashion Psychologist, wrote Dress Your best Life and lectures about the interesting relationship between attire and attitude! She is a firm believer that you can harness the power of your clothes to transform your confidence. I just couldn’t agree more. A power blazer can for sure give you an extra boost for a job interview or during a nerve-wracking presentation. But, it isn’t always about confidence in your performance. After a long hectic day, to calm yourself down you instantly change your outfit into something soft and relaxing. To simply take the edge off. Clothes are our second skin…