Invest in the items you wear most of the time and this way you’ll keep the Cost Per Wear low. This gets easier when you finally understand your stylepersonality (get to know your = inner spirit + style type + fashion identity). Analyze your favorite items in your wardrobe; what do these items have in common? Be sure to always endorse these features in your capsule wardrobe!

Build your wardrobe with items that you recognize as you; items that feel safe & familiar. You could propably get bored, if your wardrobe lacked spices altogether…. With a few updated, modern items you easily wake up your familiar looks, so that your style never feels tired. By throwing in a personal or sentimental gem you give your style that final touch; you will stand out in a unique way!

A smart wardrobe solution contains your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

This ENTIRE WARDROBE GUIDE of 60/30/10 is truly functional:

4 EVER YOU (60%)

Your core/classic items, versatile styles, basic/neutral colors, natural materials, durable leather, low CPW, mostly All Year Round pieces, only ITY (is this you?)

SPICES (30%)

Key trends, bold colors, eyecathing prints, edgy styles, higher CPW


Emotional choices, not that practical, stand out pieces, wild cards, personal image tools

A Capsule Wardrobe of basics and essentials includes arox. 50 items:

1. Underwear, U-lined tops, t-shirts, sweaters in matching colors

2. Smart pants (for party or business) and a flattering skirt

3. A few pairs of jeans (black, grey and blue –in optional fit)

4. Everyday shirts, festive blouses, tops

5. Jumpers, knits, cardigans for every occasion

6. Leggings or joggers

7. A killer dress (or five) to take you anywhere + black tights, 20 -70 den

8. Great shoes for winter & summer; comfy sneakers/loafers, versatile ankle boots, heels/sandals

9. 2 bags (shopper + crossbody) and a party (+beach) bag will take you a long way

10. A warm winter coat & a trench/parka, a leather jacket and a blazer that really feels like you and fits your lifestyle!

11. Accessories for every season: watch, jewelry, scarf, beanie, hat, gloves, sunglasses, perfume

12. A vacation tunic or a colorful maxi dress (buttoned is most versatile)

13. A swimsuit/bikini that fits

14. Active wear for different types of sport

15. Loungewear to feel comfortable in at home

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