Your shoes can take your outfit up or down: this is a cold fact. Wear shoes that feel good on your feet, fit your lifestyle and of course match your wardrobe aesthetic. Choose shoes that flatter your feet and legs; different styles can really make your legs look longer or they can chop your legs off at the widest part. Invest in high quality and strong styles that last. New shoes should feel comfortable the minute you try them on. This is really important when it comes to functional styling!

Keep in mind the weather conditions, so think practical.

  • Prefer genuine leather (chrome free/vegetable tanned) shoes/boots/pumps and sandals -inside and out! The outer sole should be some sort of rubber.
  • You need to take care of your shoes with a brush and the right polish/gel and finish off with a protective spray. Keep your shoes clean -always.
  • Take off any stickers or tags. Replace the underheel plate to a rubber one for a steadier and a more quiet step. A good cobbler is priceless!
  • An extra inner sole makes your shoes feel fresh longer!
  • Don´t forget that your shoes complete any look! A part from your everyday comfortable walking shoes, you’ll need a few pairs that elevate your outfits as well…

These are great options:

ankle boots -an everyday favorit with any dress/long pant

higher boots –looks stunning with more feminine dresses/pants

sneakers/lofers/ballerinas –a chill choice to tailored cropped pants

mid/high pumps –to dress up a casual look

sandals – to show some skin to a volyminous outfit

Socks can be tricky… choose wisely when they are visible between your shoes and pants. During colder seasons knee socks work really well! EWOKE always strives for practicality and comfort in a stylish way…