Feng Shui, wind-water, is an ancient Chinese practice where energy forces are used to harmonize individuals and their surroundings. All kind of energies around us significantly affect our wellbeing. You can’t see the wind -yet you know it exists. It’s the same with energies -you feel them! How you play with energies in your own home can really impact your everyday life -hopefully in a positive way. It’s all about finding the right balance for your personal spirit!

Universal energy

Keep your home clutterfree, clean and fresh. Focus on a harmonious, good Qi (flowing energy) in every room! Marie Condo is like a modern version of Feng Shui…

1. Recycle everything you do not use or need as well as stuff that brings you down (negative energy).

2. Focus on the entrance, make it functional & welcoming (inviting energy).

3. If you have a sad/dark/messy corner in your home, give it a little extra Qi (love energy). Clean the space form dust and clutter, add a rock crystal, maybe a mirror to reflect more light or just add some beautiful fresh flowers! Your home can also be accessorized…