With a colorful interior you can really play around with energies! Become your own expert of communicating color magic! When opting for a harmonious result, keep the undertones of each color as well as their complementaries in mind (color wheel by Maria Killam). But most of all, be sure to follow your own preferences…

Maybe you are drawn to a color for a specific reason?

Blue is a comforting color that calmes us down.

Turquoise is an uplifting color that feels clean and fresh.

Green is a lively color that makes us feel at ease. Like nature inside/outside.

Red is appetite increasing color and can trigger stress.

Yellow is a bright color that boosts energy.

Brown is a really calming color and can in worst case drag us down.

Beige is a earthy color that makes us feel harmonious.

When you choose your favorite colors to spice up your interior think about all the nuance options you have. Every color also has its tonal as well as complementary colors. Johannes Itten (Bauhaus Professor) created his color theory and wrote “The Art of Color” in 1961. The colorwheel is a great tool often used in beautiful interiors –and of course in fashion assemblies as well!

Always mix different materials to create contrasting textures and surfaces in your interior. This way you build up levels that make each room feel harmonious & dimensional. Just like you create that perfect outfit!

Up to 3 different interior styles can easily be used in a room. The wardrobe’s styling “rule” 60/30/10 + is a functional guideline here as well…… by mixing different design eras together you create interesting layers that shouts personality.