You can really dive deep into the world of Feng Shui. You can also adapt the practice in a smaller scale. The five elements can easily be represented in each room/space. This ensures the required balance a room needs, for it to be experienced as a soothing and harmonious space.

So, take an honest look around! Do You find all five elements in preferred proportions in your surrounding?

WOOD (for life)

Colors: green nuances

Motives: leaves, floral & tree prints

Shapes: vertical

FIRE (for energy)

Colors: gold, brass, red, orange, lighting, candle

Motives: animal prints, human pictures or animal statues

Shapes: triangle

EARTH (for calmness)

Colors: yellow, brown

Materials: rattan, clay, terracotta, dry flowers

Shapes: squares

METAL (for health)

Colors: white, grey

Material: metal

Shapes: round

WATER (for succss)

Colors: blue, black, turquoise

Material: glass, mirrors

Shapes: asymmetrical, waves

When you feel that You can’t get the interior ”right” seek for the balance of the elements mentioned above. Play around with colors, materials as well as shapes to add a specific element in your interior. There is no wrong or right, simply follow your own instincts.