I get super excited every single season. I honestly love to analyze new street style trends, interesting in-season color combinations as well as fun silhouettes that walk down the runways. It inspires me to shop in my own wardrobe with new eyes… exploring new combinations & styling tricks.

The fashion industry cannot reinvent the wheel –so trends do come in cycles. Nowadays every style, color and cut is available each and every season. This makes it convenient, but also very confusing for us women. Therefore, it’s smart (saves time & money) to be loyal to the labels that speak your language, fit your body and therefore last season after season. Learn how to combine new outfits by using your own familiar wardrobe staples with in-season decadent items -so that it looks fashionable without looking theatrical. You want to look modern, not like a fashion victim….

Being fashionable, trendy or stylish is no longer walking hand in hand with money and prestiege. You can be super stylish without being trendy and your outfit doesn’t have to cost a fortune for you to feel extravagant!

Just like you are interested in what kind of food you eat (preferably clean and nearby produced!) you might ask yourself the same question when it comes to the fashion industry and shopping overall.

Looking good = combination of feeling good + doing good!

Ecological & ethical issues play a huge part of our choices made today. What are our clothes made of and by whom? Tricky questions with no easy answers. My advise is to only buy things you absolutely love and you really want to wear for a long time. This way you will eventually buy less! Figure out what clothes you need, buy only for that purpose and finally take care of your clothes so that they last longer!

There are lots of ecologically and etchically responsible brands to choose from. They cannot compete with the low prices of the fast fashion chains, so find the brands that speak your aesthetic as well as practical language -within your pricerange. Always start your search there and be organized. This way you don’t fall for the cheaper options with questionable values… By making an effort, choosing responsible brands and paying a bit more you are most likely to take extra good care of your wardrobe favorites as well. Recycle, act sustainably and always support your locals! This will make you happy & proud in the long run…

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