Being woke is such a buzz word these days. Style wise it simply means being more mindful with your decisions concerning personal consumer behavior. Your choices might be based on social, environmental or less trend-driven goals. Dressing woke means that you strive to invest in fashion brands that honestly tries to make this industry transparent and a little bit better. Choose brands that are promoting diversity as well as taking positive with meaningful actions! So in a few words: shop your values.

Make a personal wardrobe bucket-list: a seasonal as well as a long-term. Investigate and buy only items you really need and most of all -really love!

Here are just a few things to prioritize:

-recycled packaging, plastics, textiles

-responsibly sourced & sustainable fabrics

-ethical manufactoring, honest employment practice

-vintage, second hand pieces

-local community designers


Today we should adjust our consumption and focus on a “circular fashion mindset” to keep the pollution low and eliminate waste! Keep these 10 RULES as your guideline when it comes to your wardrobe workout habits:

REFRESH – wash only when necessary, air your garment after use and use a steamer whenever needed

REWEAR – use your wardrobe over and over again

REPAIR – mend your clothes & shoes as soon as possible

REUSE – find a new angle for a specific item (jumper as a scarf ie)

REDUCE – consume with right intention in mind & have shared ownerships of less used items

RENT – today you can easily rent an entire outfit for a special event

REGIVE – give your preloved itmes to someone in need

REMAKE – create/sew something new from a worn out piece

RECYCLE – make sure you recycle wherever you can

RECHARGE – find new styling options and create totally new looks!