When you figured out what thrives you, you can easily skip fast moving trends and stick to your core style. By finding a few brands that fit your budget and values you save time and create a “Good Karma” wardrobe in the long run. You can make great findings during sales, in outlets and secondhand shops as well. This is naturally a smart and sustainable way of shopping.

You need to treasure and stay true to your wardrobe staples; so give some extra attention to your essentials! These items will give you lots of dressing options. Your essentials will also be the familiar items you combine new and edgier items with. This way you’ll never feel too adventurous in your outfit communication.

STYLIST TIP: Before you buy anything new: try to combine your wardrobe favorites in a new way. When you feel like you have nothing to wear, you usually long for a new silhouette. Write down items you need and what specific trend/color you want to try each season. Then think about how well these new trends or items will work together with your existing favorites in your wardrobe. Pair something completely new for you with something familiar so that you still feel like yourself. Sometimes a trend is simply a new way of putting an outfit together (= actual styling). Ask for help or advise: building a personal and stylish wardrobe is a never ending adventure! You should enjoy the ride…

ITY (= Is This You) Ask yourself do you have endless matching opportunities and for how long will you like it? A new item shall work with at least 5-10 existing pieces/outfits in your closet. However, your closet shall be filled with only favorites that you actually wear! Wardrobe management is definitely mandatory!

AYR (= to wear All Year Round) is always good to keep in mind. Is the item versatile, can it be layered, will it age beautifully?

CPW (= Cost Per Wear). If You spend a little extra on an item you really want/need -you’ll also take better care of it and wear it over and over again. You’ll keep the CPW low by wearing an item to different places & events. The quality of the material is really crusial here along with the actual style of the item…. of course.

VERSATILITY -Can you think of one item that ticks all the “boxes”?

Time: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Activity: Work (also from home), Events, School, City stroll, Park

Travel: Urban, Countryside, Beach

Entertain: Cocktails, Dinner

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