I often like to compare outfits with interiors. A room is much more appealing when it’s decorated in right proportions with a bit of wabi-sabi (= something with patina), something new, something extra nice and something simply you! However, before decorating, you’ll need a stable groundwork. Therefore, your underwear is significant when it comes to your posture & outfit silhouette as well.

You need to absolutely rely on your underwear –so keep them on point! How your clothes fit and feel depend on these small, but ooh so necessary items. And they can truly work wonders! According to different studies 8/10 women purchase the wrong size of underwear. Don’t be one of them! You should try on different options until you know your size, what fit and which labels work for your bust every once in a while. Because our bodies do change.

Keep always ready to wear (t-shirt, push-up or balconette):

– a perfect black bra

– a basic nude/dusty pink seamless bra

– a 3-in-one bra (strapless) for party dresses/tops

– a lace piece for special occasions

– sport bra with great support

Matching panties -always nice of course. However, the most important thing is that no seams are uncomfortable, nor visible! Sometimes also a pair of sculpting underwear is needed. A slip dress in both nude & black comes handy when a dress or skirt is slightly see through…