This is the most functional accessory you need, so my recommendation is to really invest in your every day bag. Do the research, deside on your budget and make your decision based on your taste, needs and values. Try out the bag in action, so that you’ll know if it’s a keeper! How does the bag really feel & look in your hand/on your shoulder and does it work for your stuff in your everyday life?

A designer bag can be seen as a great investment; the resale value is often quite high. However, be 100% sure of the authenticity if you buy one second hand!


A belt is a great accessory when you wish to show off your waist or create an illusion of one. Think about your personal proportions: is the belt too thin or wide around your waist or hips?

This super creative accessory can:

– color wise melt into your outfit and create a hourglass silhouette

– tell a complete story together with your bag or shoes

– pick up a bright color of your printed dress

– be the jewelry/standout statement of your entire outfit.