Jewelry is your personal business card. With just one ring on a certain finger you inform the world if you are taken or not. Jewelry also completes your entire outfit! Try on different kind of earrings and necklaces and see how they change your look completely.

Focus only on a few wow pieces in one outfit. Keep the jewelry low if the outfit itself is shouting and go the other way around when the outfit needs a pick-me-up.

Try to keep some statement jewelries in rotation. They can really spice up any look and take You from desk to dinner anytime.

Optional guidelines to follow:

– One statement necklace is often enough

– Big cuffs or lots of arm-candy go well with a pair of stunning earrings

– Eyeglasses might compete with your earrings… focus on one or the other.

– Lots of rings do not need the company of bracelets

– Stacked favorite bracelets is always a unique mix

– A beautiful watch is practical and can also work as armcandy

The usual length for necklaces is between 30-80cm. The 45 -60cm looks great alone or together on most women! Layer up shorter and longer necklaces for a personal look and a slimming effect (V-illusion!)

You don’t have to decide if you’re a gold OR silver person; metal mixing is allowed! I find a total look to be more interesting if golden jewelry (ie. earrings and necklaces) are mixed with silver toned hardware on bags, shoes and zippers) or the other way around. Focus only on one statement in one outfit.

Never underestimate the effect a pair of sparkling earrings can have. The casual jeans outfit is ready to party with some bling and festive heels! If a pair of statement earrings seem to flashy – wear just the other one and feel instantly chill.

Collect a few stylish watches for different occasions to give your outfit that final & practical tough!

Vintage jewelries add an interesting vibe to any outfit. Treasure hunting in vintage shops while travelling (also in your own hoods) is really a wonderful way to take a piece of a local lady’s heritance home with you. These treasures associates with fun memories and are often great conversation pieces as well…