When it comes to putting an outfit together, I find it easier to work around one main color and make this color dictate the complete look. A monochrome outfit in black, grey and white is always stylish. However, if you have a specific color you love -try to build a complete outfit around this color. This will feel very familiar and still make you stand out in the crowd! Creating a tonal outfit around one color gives a strong and soft message all in one.

Always consider functionality: choose one item based on season/weather/occasion and decide the color scheme you want to go with it! The magic number is 3; create visual harmony with 3 tonal colors or use your color (main) and 2 complements (secondary & accent)! Pick matching accessories to pull your outfit together. The 60/30/10 (+s) is also a usable guideline when it comes to styling & adding color(s) into a look: 

You can easily grasp this rule by dividing a complete look into color blocks.

60% Pants and jacket (main color scheme)

30% Shirt (secondary color)

10% Scarf (accent color)

+ bags or jewellery (surprise)

How to dress and express yourself without worrying about seasonal wardrobes? Use what you have! Play with layering to achieve a rich and dimensional outfit. With vivid, structured textiles, you’ll avoid a dull and flat look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors & textures -especially during our short summer season! Stand out and live a little!!