Colors play a major part in our lives, look at Mother Nature -colors are everywhere! I’d like to encourage you to seek inspiration in astonishing art as well.

Inject the colors and combinations you are drawn to into your everyday style! An easy way to start your color adventure is with a print embracing all your favorites. This piece will then pair perfectly with everything you love! How you combine your wardrobe heroes is entirely up to you. However, with a strict color scheme, you’ll have more control: because too many choices (wardrobe clutter) are confusing. There simply are no rules; some combinations are chic and tonal, some more classic and some on the other hand more creative. Which combination do you prefer?

Styling with colors should be fun! You can easily play around with none, one or ton. The EWOKE -COLORFUL STYLE guide is coming soon online! For more information -Pre Register HERE!

I don’t like to dictate about what color you should wear wear and what not. Why? I find it too limiting. You can easily manipulate your own personal colorcharts/ characteristics (by using make up, self tanners and dying your hair) to make a special color work in your advantage. We all like different colors & combinations and the most important thing is for You to feel empowered by them! Colors are undeniable mood-lifters, but they can also be emotionally draining. Only you can tell how you feel about a specific color… Styling with or without color is about capturing a state of mind!


If You are interested to analyze your personal color charts, I recommend to take a YourColorStyle test online to find great options for your unique features? This way you’ll find out if you’re a cool WINTER or SUMMER or a warm SPRING or AUTUMN. It can be useful…. if you are totally lost.

I would like to point out that a specific shade of a specific color can in fact make you look radiant. You can easily figure out if you look your best in warmer or cooler nuances by trying on a cool, bright white shirt and an warmer off white shirt. Which one makes your features shine; the cool or the warm? Wear the most flattering colors near your face and other favorites as bottoms. There is no right or wrong here! The intensity of a specific color depends more often on your personality and preferences than your characteristics!

Then we have those colors we adore, but will not wear for what ever the reason. One tip is to add this color on your nails or as a hair accessory… As mentioned, I think a functional wardrobe has a lot in common with our interior choices. These “odd” colors can look beautiful in your home! I write more about home styling, starting with Mindful Interiors HERE!