When you realize the strenght of your outfit’s silent communication, you might want to influence that message. To mix and match makes the outfit more interesting. I always recommend to opt for contrasts, sometimes even styletype collisions, because it gives physical balance to your total appearence. When you opt for outfit harmony, different colors, materials and patterns play a huge role. Take bites from both Yin and Yang:

Yin elements (feminine)               Yang elements (masculine)

Curved lines                         Straight lines

Broken lines                          Solid lines

Thin lines                               Thick lines

Horizontal lines                     Vertical lines

Curved shapes                   Angled shapes

Small shapes/pattern                  Large shapes

Low contrast color combos             High contrast color combos

Muted/smoky colors           Strong/bright colors

Soft textures                         Crisp textures

Lightwight fabrics                        Heavywight fabrics

Matt fabrics                         Shiny fabrics

Sheer fabrics                       Chunky fabrics

Natural prints                      Geometric prints

Dense all-over pattern                Repeating pattern

It is quite clear that the Ying elemets give a feminine, a more laid back vibe to your outfit. The Yang elements communicate a more intence and strict vibe. Naturally, there are lots of clothing items that balances yin and yang in one package! Anyway, something to think about when planning your next outfit communication?

Contrasts in one outfit can be tricky! With YIN/YANG you’ll always find a natural balance. However, when opting for UP/DOWN dressing a great balance in the quality between materials is crucial. Your everyday essentials should be upgraded and your festive items more lowkey….. for this combination to work in action.