The way you present yourself is a message tool; your clothes define you in a second. Show the world the most authentic version of yourself!


  • Buy for your figure, your lifestyle today and clothes that you need/want right away.
  • Mixing materials is always chic and it gives you a chance to mix your winter and summer wardrobe (CPW)!
  • Note that every color has many different warm/cool shades/nuances (yes, even black!). If combined, one of the shades can look really wrong and make your outfit dusty! Totally different structures of one color/nuance can, however, be mixed nicely. Focus on contrasts; sleak, soft, flurry, shiny! Leather and suede is always a cool match….
  • Playing with proportions gives a more interesting silhouette; combine slim pants with a loose fitted top and a fitted top with a more voluminous skirt/pants.
  • Show all the interesting layers in your outfit by tuckin in and rollin up. Wear a jumper front tucked, showing off the waistline/belt and giving you longer legs at the same time!
  • Use most of your wardrobe all year around (AYR)! Learn how to wear layers, dress up and down your favorite dresses and skirts. You only learn by trying on different combinations! Take pictures so you remember the good ones.
  • Style a button up shirt –tied (half knot, only one side) or left open as a relaxed cardi/jacket, tie a knot in the back (with a rubber band) and create a cool hourglass silhouette while leaving the 3-4 lowest unbuttoned. Half tuck, keep buttonside in. You can also get a more fitted look by overlapping the unbuttoned fronts… -so (too) many options!?
  • Add eye-catching jewelry – your jeans outfit turns easily into a party outfit with one statement earring.
  • Combine colors from a print in your outfit and keep your total look bright & fun, yet harmonious.
  • Remember to focus on balance when going for an eye catching (design wise) top or pant. Choose one over the other!
  • Add personal bohemia by adding a handmade/vintage accessory to your outfit!
  • Wear dusty pink/taupe colored panties and bra under white clothes if you prefer NOT to show off your underwear -sexy black is always a (good?) statement!
  • Hide a hair band (rubber) inside your rolled up sleeves so they keep all day…
  • Put body lotion over your tights if they make your dress/skirt electric or try to hang a safety pin (metal) inside the seamline…
  • Try adding deodorant on your inner thighs to keep fricton low on on a warm summer day.
  • Sweatmarks are natural however not preferred in some situations; use small “dailies” under your armpits if needed…
  • Focus on only 3 main colors in one outfit. 60/30/10…. +?
  • A tonal outfit looks effortless & classy when done right. Choose different nuances of one color and opt for contrasting textures! Go bold with a pair of contrasting statement shoes to make this kind of outfit even more interesting…
  • Do not match the color of Your bag, belt and shoes unless they are black or tell a complete story!


Feminine dress – Masculine shoes

Bohochic look – Minimalistic accessories

Business look – Sporty (clean!) shoes

Vintage dress – Modern shoes

Laid back outfit –Statement jewels

Classic items –Trendy accessories


Wear a silk dress under a chunky cardigan

Add a feminine lace blouse to leather pants

Slip a turtleneck or a crisp shirt under an A-lined dress

Throw a biker/jeans jacket over a tailored outfit

Use a blazer to edgen up relaxed jeans or flowy skirt