Unfortunately a sky-high price doesn’t always equal super quality. Nevertheless, all items in your wardrobe earns high quality care! If you take care of your clothes they will also last longer.

This is how you do it:

-Cut off any tags hanging outside/stitched on your item -always.

-Rethink washing every time; to air (steam) an item after use is often enough. Study the washing instructions and follow them carefully when washing your garment!

-Use liquid ecological detergents, 4 separate for your dark, colored, white and your delicate & beloved viscose, modal, tencel, silk, linen and woolen clothes.

-Note, that also white clothing with elastan/spandex shall be washed without bleaching, because the elastan thread is actually grey underneath.

-Choose the correct temperature, avoid softner and never use the dryer for your wardrobe favorites!

-Remember to keep the centrifuge spin low with hand wash/wool items.

-Hang up shirts, pants & skirts instantly to avoid wrinkles. Use suitable hangers for your different types of clothes. Functional “teamwork” between hanger and clothing item is really essential!

-Leave heavy items/woolen jumpers to dry flat, steam iron when dry with low heat and then fold them nicely. Keep some cedar wood in your closet as moth repellent –just in case.

-Try to tackle dirt as soon as possible with a sponge or a brush!

Do not underestimate the importance of these wardrobe-life saviors:

– a hand steamer to freshen up and straighten out any top or dress!

– a clothingbrush or a teip roll to keep your clothing fresh and dust free

– ecological baby wipes for removing stains from bags and shoes

– a seamstress