Your face is your most exposed feature. The city pollution, the sun and working in front of computers all day long will really affect your skin’s condition. Our skin is our largest organ, so why not take care of it?

Decide on a budget and stick to a routine that suits your lifestyle. Start by booking a facial appointment and follow the skin therapist’s home care and product recommendations to get that healthy glow to last longer! Try to visit your therapist at least 3-4 times per year.

We cannot fight time… Age happens –this is a fact! I try to accept my fine lines & wrinkles as engraved smiles. However, a stressful lifestyle can make you look worn out. Why not learn a few make up tricks along the way to make undesired fatigue disappear?

  1. Find the right concealer to even out your skintone under the eyes, around your nose, on blemishes ie. A CC cream is also a true everyday hero! Use a hydrating facial mist for a gloomy look. A highlighter gives additional glow!
  2. You´ll get an instant fresh look with a hint of blush in your specific “nude” shade (natural flush) on the apples of your cheeks. The perfect nuance is found by checking the color inside of your lower lip. This naturally is your go-to nude lipstick as well!
  3. Some mascara in natural brown or deep black will make your eyes seem more awake!
  4. Get a quick facelift by shaping (not too thin) and coloring your eyebrows!