Take care of your hands, because they will cheer you up all day long! They also make up for bad hair days and give a great first impression…

– Use hand cream twice a day for a soft handshake

– Peel your hands once a week with your body scrub (or mix your own with honey and coffee grounds) and push down your cuticles carefully; do not cut them!

– Shorten your nails (when dry) with a crystal nail file

– Use a base coat with caring benefits on clean, oilfree nails

– If You prefer then apply a coat of nail polish (leave a tiny space between nail and cuticle polishfree for a clean finish). Let dry for a while and then apply a second layer

– Use a (quick dry) top coat for a longer lasting shine. This makes a huge difference!

– When your nails are dry, use oil/balm on cuticles and apply hand cream all over

I like to recommend cruelty free & high pigmented polishes in nude, winered or why not spicy colors, as long as they enhance your everyday style, your personal skin tone and make your hands look beautiful.

Stylish steps

Keep your feet soft (creams with 10% Carbamide works wonders!) & fresh. Polished toenails never hurt…. at least during the summer sandal season. Nailpolish is truly a great accessory, an easy way to spice up your style!