Many studies confirm that our surroundings have a huge affect on how we feel. It’s therefore significant that your home reflects your style preferences as well. You might need to compromize your interior in many ways…specific desires between family members are not always aligned. Strive, however to stay true to who you are and what brings you joy. (Family members shall of course have their say in it as well) Then your home becomes a true comfortzone for all of you!

Just like you woke up your personal style, you can create a mindful interior filled with dimension. You’ll need patience; the process of making an entire interior feel meaningful and cozy, takes time. Honor your PAST, PRESENT as well as your FUTURE, unless you’re looking for a solid and minimalistic style. However by adding something very personal you make sure your home doesn’t feel like a furniture catalog…

Start by looking at the soul (architecture) and if possible -honor that. This way your interior will always feel authentic and you’ll have a solid base to rely on. Take your outside view & the natural light into consideration as well. Do you want to take your outside in or create a contrasting scenery inside your home?

If your are starting from the beginning, create a detailed moodboard:

-Write down the actual performances & needs each room have.

-Choose the main materials and the complete colorpalette for your entire home. Room by room. For longevity keep a neutral base (according to your personal preferences).

-Add accent colors/nuances that creats combining bridges between the rooms in your interior.

The 60/30/10/+extra colorguide is perfect in interiors as well:

60% main colors: walls, floors

30% secondary/favorite colors: big furniture, carpets

10% accent colors: cussions, artwork, curtains

 + extra color: pref. Black to creat contrast & enhance the chosen colors

You can use this guide with bright colored interior as well as monochromic. Then the accentcolor could be a certain wood color in the details… (oak, chestnut, wenge)